Carbon capture at H22 market

We’re capturing CO2 for sustainable indoor farming at H22 city expo 2022

Finally we can tell the world about the first installation of our carbon capture unit 🌱

Together with IKEA and DM Odla, our innovation is up and running at H22 city expo 2022 in Helsingborg. Right now we capture CO2 directly from the ambient air and help DM Odla, and the hydroponic indoor farm at H22, to produce salad and greens to nearby restaurants. Truly local and sustainable.

In a vertical farm, CO2-enhancement is an essential part. We can help IKEA and DM Odla to decrease the dependence on transports and increase sustainability, since less purshased bottles with CO2 are used when utilizing CO2 from the surrounding air. The technology can be used for capturing carbon from both indoor, and outdoor air, which opens up for further possible collaborations in the future.

The first prototype has the capacity of generating approximately 1 kg of CO2 per day, which decreases costs for this particular vertical farm by roughly 50 %. The carbon capture technology platform is scalable, which means that we will be able to develop further products suitable for any kind of indoor farm.

We´re a part of Sally R, but later this year, Direct Carbon will become a fully separate company. The fundamental idea to capture carbon for utilization can be applied to numerous different industries and can have substantial effect on profitability, sustainability and air quality for these industries. The technology platform also has the advantages of being able to utilize waste heat from industries such as the HVAC-industry and data centers.