Wunderpumpe Aurora

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With a rotor diameter of 40 cm, our system can capture up to 5 kg of CO2 per day, making it ideal for farms up to 1,000 m².

Aurora is suitable for small vertical farms, container farm and in-store farms.

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Solution for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

Boosting CO2 levels from 400 to 1000 PPM can significantly increase crop yields by up to 40%. Today, almost all farms utilize CO2, but over 90% rely on fossil CO2 stored in bottles that need regular replacement.

Our solution eliminates the need for transportation and replacement of gas tubes, as CO2 is captured directly from the air.

This also allows you to communicate to customers that your products are grown using air-captured CO2, aligning with the over 90% of farms striving to transition to circular and carbon-neutral practices.