Harvest CO2 from the air.
No carbon footprint, no hassle.

We offer solutions for circular CO2 capture, eliminating the need for fossil CO2 and transporting tubes.

Indoor farmers require CO2 to promote plant growth by 25 to 30%, depending on the crop type.

But, no green, reliable, and affordable CO2 solution is out there.

1) Fossil CO2 by burning propane
2) Expensive CO2 from fossil source, or
3) Capital intensive and unreliable CO2 from industrial process.

Sounds familiar?

Need a fossil-free, hassle-free, and green CO2 supply for your farm?

From space to earth – let’s get rid of fossil CO2 and grow carbon neutral crops together!

A technology originally inspired by ISS and developed jointly with ESA – now accessible on Earth

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Capturing CO2 from the air instead of relying on fossil liquid CO2 or burning natural gas


Attain optimal CO2 level for your crops, eliminating the need for storage, condensation, and transportation of traditional CO2 solutions


Lowest cost through our efficient adsorbent paired with a cost-efficient machine concept

Indoor Growers

Seeking an economical and environmentally friendly CO2 supply to build a circular farm?

System Integrators

Interested in integrating our modular DAC into your existing systems?

Technology Providers

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